20 onions

I wanted to see how many onions it is possible to host. My internet searches were not yielding any useful results. So I got mkp224o to generate cheap and good looking onions (like "letnot66666..."), which took 2 mins or less with 4 cores and 8 threads.
Command line showing generated onions
Then I went to the folder with onion keys, and copied them all. Linux allowed me to directly paste it as a list into Mousepad, which came in handy when using PHP to extract the list and turn it into the right torrc config to go into tor, so Tor knows to try and host 20 sites.
a torrc config file
Finally, I did a chmod 700 on the onion directory (via the GUI) so Tor wouldn't complain, and started Tor. I only got a few onions working, but I clicked fast... so did a retry, clicking slower.

All the onions actually worked this time! I shared the news and wrote / edited this blog post... Note that I hosted it for 20-30 mins before shutting down the high performance computer, but the files are intact if I ever want to bring them back online.

27-nov-2023 9pm

-------------- The flat word spreads People realise the earth isn't infinite Chaos ensues (the story starts here, with a call) -------------- The call had been running for 30 minutes, with many chatters enjoying themselves. >>Ooo, I say as velvet disco plays. A small giggle came from the speakers. >>Crunch, goes my chips. What's that? Someone asked >>My Barbecue crisps Nice, I'll be having an egg sandwich We both listen to the song as an egg sandwich is made. After a few bites of our snacks, I hear some commotion on the other ends of the call "Just refresh" "Refresh what?" "The forum" ok, I said, and in a few seconds, Tor gave me the update. "Did you get that?" "Yep" After hearing the whisper, a message popped up in the forum: --- "Markets collapse after satellites confirm there is no infinite resources" Oh no! That reminds me, I got to sell those shares, I say, as I quickly login and push sell. Shortly after, the call went silent. 5 seconds passed. "Please check your network connection", Discord told me. The other chat was still online but it would only be a matter of time before it is out. So I sent my final message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XX-XX 05:50:32 - Aera23 - Bye, please prepare yourselves (check news too) XX-XX 05:50:09 - freecards has been kicked (freecards) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then exited chat, shut down my computer, and went to the bed to ruminate. I didn't expect the truth to hit this quickly, but I was still reasonably prepared. I sat flat in the stripe-covered cube of fluff. I was inn a nice, secure building, with smooth pastel orange stone, many metres below most of civilisation, curious as to what had happened, but also in the mood for a nap. My Tor time had ended, but for me it was the beginning. All the resources for a year or more, as well as an Ethernet connection to the outside world. I had put a strong metal pipe to act as armour to the cable. The place had fire resistance, as well as the entrance had TNT. All I had to do was press Ctrl + 9 and BOOM, the entrance will cave in, securing me inside the well built tomb. ----- After my map, I looked at the computer... My circular map showed me that I was near the edge, which is better since less people would be near to hear the explosion, and it would be much longer still before they try to remove the rubble protecting me from the outside world.