Micro stories recovered from a backup

Story 1: The Fur

When the mystical force runs to you, it felt awesome. It surrounds you, like a friendly hug. You then realise you are becoming smaller, and feel cute, like a furry little guinea pig (or other nice pet). Somehow, you realise you can crawl really fast, and go to the tastiest of treats. You see your friendly owner and soon feel relaxed as your owner massages your back. You hear his deep voice saying that you are cute, and a delight to have. You feel nice, and you start nibbling on your favourite treat. Who knew how nice it was to be a cute, furry pet, with a delightful owner!

The bubbles

I imagined some rainbow bubbles, and a galaxy of colour surrounded me. Vivid reds and pinks melted into blues and greens. I then saw my name in this, and it now occurred to me, that I was in a figment of my own imagination.
I then decided to try to imagine words coming through the colours. They read: It is awesome to be you. I then smiled and imagined myself floating. I floated through the bubbles without them popping, and enjoyed the view, among other things. Soon after, I woke up to the sound of squawky birds.

The flashes

I just read a news article and put my phone aside. It was only a matter of minutes before my eyes found pink flashes. I looked at my pocket and found them somehow emanating from my phone. They seemed to come and go whenever they liked, like inquisitive spirits. It looked cool, until I took out my phone, and tried to read a message.
It was NOT easy. The flashing distracted you from the actual message, and I now wanted it to stop.

A moment later, they disappeared. I felt that the phone could listen in on my thoughts, and tell the "spirits" that the party was over. I then realised that the spirits could see my face, and scatter away. But all that matters now is that I could finally read my messages!

The Button

The smart hand says: I was typing up a new story, for you all to read, when I moved around and... Oops. I just clicked the button by accident, and here we are!

My fiddly fingers! Though the good news is: there is a few sentences of text for you to read, plus up to 4 other stories. Please change the number and reload the page if you would like to read them. Also, I like how you are so professional. *Smiles*

PHP Quote

Do you find it cool, that a little PHP script like me, can give you stories so quickly? You might be wondering how I do it so fast. The thing is, I was actually programmed by a person, known to me as Aera23. (See the little rhyme I did there?)
He took some time (probably around 30 mins.) to develop the stories that you read here, and put it all into my code. Also, he has finally recovered me from am email, way back in September 2019

Thanks for reading this. I have only put all stories on one page, as well as a few minor text edits. By Aera23.

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