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Powered by a Dell Vostro 3450 server, running locally. This site's gradually coded by @Aera23, since around March 2023 (but there's code from 2019-2022 as well)

Please report toxic sites to Aera23 via chat / protonmail, and don't take excess risks, please :) The challenges of selfhosting


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http://vfdvqf.onionPooPooB chat

http://c32zje.onion/Raddle Forum 404 (hopefully it fixes itself)

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http://3deep.onion/3D Tor linklist by @Anonionous Back!

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http://y435nn.onion/the Abyss

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• Onion links I like (click a random one and explore):

http://wgq3bd.onion/ Site about accessibility

http://juhan.onion/ Ahmia (Search)

http://owl.onion/ Owledge

http://hidwon.onion/ Hidden Wonders

http://hikari.onion/ Let's Decentralise

http://3bbad7.onion/ OnionLand search, with flashy ads too

http://xxtbwy.onion/ SimplyTranslate, with Google and Reverso translate

Common links

http://blkh4y.onion/ Black Hat chat

http://dkforest.onion/ Darkforest's feature rich chat (CAPTCHA is finding the unbroken line)

http://rnsm777.onion/ Data for researchers

http://cisland.onion/ CrackingIsland, with hacking tools, cracking lists, and more

Other links

http://forwhoall.onion/ Aera23's onion link

http://vfdvqf.onion/ Rising Author

http://nv3x2j.onion/ Comic book Library

http://library.onion/ Library (images may be embarassing, but legal)

http://bhf2b5.onion/ Unknown market/forum, not explored too well

http://g66ol3.onion/ Dreading the truth

http://thunder.onion/ Something should get bigger :D

I didn't do financial testing on sites with transactions. Please use common sense and do due diligence before making purchases.

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How story.php was found:
- Went to the web archive like I did before, finding only 2 of 5 stories and didn't have my site
- Tried testdisk to recover, since I remembered I moved the file to a 64GB SD card... no luck
- Went back to the web archive, and found a specific text string to search for
- Tried searching that string with hexedit (longer), but no matches
- Even checked a mirror site of mine
- gmail, searched "backup", found none
-, found backup from sept 2019
- downloaded it to smartphone, and uploaded it here, giving it some touchups

How I self-hosted

I started with Uniserver on Windows 10 (search for it online), which allowed me to run a local copy of my site, and improve it in the background. I opened the firewall to allow local users to access it, though soon after, I hosted my site on Tor using torrc. That's a config file that can be found inside your Tor Browser's "Tor Browser/Browser/Data/Tor" folder. (See online for tutorial). If you want your site to run after restarting your machine, click the UniController app, then click "Start Apache"

I eventually used a Live OS, with Peppermint 11/12 (buster/bookworm) Linux, which was slightly easier to start... thanks to scripts that install PHP, open Tor, and run the server (I changed Torrc just like in Windows, and the permissions of the folder to 700, search online for how to do that)

Hopefully it helps you, but don't be afraid to open new tabs, and search for the individual steps of hosting, etc.

Proof of effort for emergency private chats

Let's say I want to invite 3 users to a private group, using PM to invite them.
how do I know that a fourth party isn't pretending to be one of the users?

So... I ask the users questions that they might have talked about before.
If the answers are similar enough, they can be invited to the second layer of the chat,
and if there are two users claiming to be one, I can hold off until I am confident to share the link

The fourth party will need data, and time, to recreate the answers to the questions
The difficulty can be increased by estimating user style, limiting messages visible in public...
chat, and using memory to verify with some confidence that the user is the same.

Since I control the my site, I will need to ensure that I, or others shouldn't be able to read the PMs of my chat. For that, I use CRC codes rather than names to protect against nick spoofing, an obvious limitation of a chat that doesn't use passwords.

PS: I limit the amount of public messages as low as practical to prevent message style spoofing.